Getting Back Together After A Break Up

Do you want to get back together with your ex — or — separated spouse, but aren’t sure how to do it? I know a little bit about how you feel. My business pursuits got in the way of my wife’s and my marriage. She threatened to divorce me if things did not change.

I made the changes to how much time I would spend working on my business. Also, I made changes that made her emotional and relational needs my #1 priority. I did this for the reasons of making amends for my mistakes. Sure, I cringed at the thought of seeing her with someone else, but the motivation for my efforts was to prove to her that we had what it took to work our issues out. I did this in time to save our marriage from divorce.

But, before I got my marriage on track, seeing other happy couples together caused deep pain– and a longing to get her back in my arms. You can end those heartbreaking feelings that tear you apart and drain the life from you. Do you to stop your divorce or split up? Do you want that feeling of companionship and love again by getting back together after a break up?

“Yes.” OK. Lets Get to it!

Getting Back Together After a Break Up through One Unconventional System!

You are asking for help knowing how to tactfully share your  heart for winning him or her back, sincerity is a start, sensitivity to the needs of your spouse are a must. In order to help you out, I will highlight 2 tips that helped my wife and me instantly in our efforts of getting back together after a break up. AND, I will share my recommendation of the “Magic of Making Up” system!

Getting Back Together After a Break Up – Tip #1 Respect your spouse’s feelings

Getting back together after a break up can be a trying task to undertake, but it doesn’t HAVE to be difficult. We all make mistakes that hurt others and cause relationships to break up, but the beauty of getting back together after a break up is that the process of reuniting becomes an all new chance to do it right this time around! Many marriages survive to tell the story of how they saved their marriage when they faced their problems together. They survive circumstances such as stressful work and life issues, unresolved conflict, disrespect, and mistreatment. Getting back together after a break up may seem hopeless, but many marriages who use methods based on understanding the other person in the relationship, rather than tactics of desperation see positive results in time.

The first thing to do is decide to honor and respect his or her feelings on the matter of divorce or separation. Take that warning seriously. Even if an “I want a divorce” statement is made in jest by your spouse. Take the “jest” seriously as a warning sign that all is not well in paradise! If you are like I was, I had no idea that I was neglecting my wife and taking her for granted. All I could think about were my needs.  Rather, focus on the needs of your estranged spouse.  You can use these tips to help you focus on his or her needs. Also, these tips will help your situation and make it as smooth as possible

  • With all sincerity, tell him or her all of the things that you perceive that you did to contribute to the trouble
  • Try to relate back to him or her what you recognize as their feelings in those issues
  • Also, try to express to him or her that you ‘validate’ their feelings in those issues
  • Show humility and immediately tell him or her that you are sorry for any hurtful things that you recognize that you did to hurt the relationship – in other words own up to your part of the problems
  • Ask him or her for their input into how the marriage relationship suffered
  • Ask him or her to open up to you concerning their feelings of past hurts and problems… to instantly get your hands on the “Magic of Making Up” click the link below

Bonus #1

Getting Back Together After a Break Up – Tip #2 Take Small Steps

True, it only took a day or two to turn things around with my wife. I am truly fortunate to have saved my marriage in a short amount of time. Still, it was this one tip that I am going to reveal to you now from the program, “Magic of Making Up” made by T.W. Jackson, that truly made my efforts genuinely win her heart back. You see the “Magic of Making Up” helps marriages find love in one another again through methods that have sincere heart bonding effects for those with a sincere desire to honor and respect their relationship. It takes respect for your spouse to make these methods work. Just making excuses to string along your relationship for maybe one more month will eventually end in failure. This step will help you to patiently respect your spouse for good!

In fact, you could say that I am still working on saving my marriage, little-by-little, every day. I do this because hearing the “D word” from my wife “scared me straight” from neglecting my responsibilities to my wife.

You see, this one tip that I followed from the ‘Magic of Making Up” system was pivotal in making getting back together after a break up succeed. That tip is to not only communicate how I you are going to solve the problems of your marriage but to…

  • Take the measures to Get your spouse Back – Only by taking Baby Steps to instill trust in your spouse again.

Basically, In my case, I chose not to try to take too big of a step to set things right with her. This approach can give you an opportunity not to bite off more than you can chew, while you slowly build trust in your mate. Live up to each promise you make, or take small steps to meet and reconnect through numerous small and safe encounters.

I know that you want your estranged spouse or ex to ‘forgive you’ and ‘take you back’ on the SPOT! But, where is the trust building in that? Give him or her time to process through his or her feelings, make up his or her mind about the relationship, and to help him or her regain confidence in you at his or her pace. This allows for a loving re-bonding process to be experienced little-by-little.

Instead, seizing hold of an opportunity to share coffee with your ex is a much safer step than “getting back together after a break up”…and even more harmless than ‘trying to coax your ex into having a date’.


Sharing some coffee at a coffee shop may even be too big of an expectation of your spouse too early in the game. Instead, would you consider trying to open up the possibility of bringing back your loved one to you with a much smaller step?

In truth …

It is recommended in the “Magic of Making Up” that Many times…showing sensitivity to an ex’s emotional space requirements by taking one step ‘back’ is the smartest course of action… Here’s a video that explains how.

Make Getting Back Together After a Break Up

“Kiss and Make Up” Reality!

Bonus #2

Only the best of Intentions for Getting Back Together After a Break Up

My insensitivity to my wife’s needs almost cost us our marriage. I did not want to be alone in life; and still don’t. Is it worth it to you to stop the feeling of loss and regret over problems by solving your problems and bringing your marriage to a place of forgiveness? Are you dedicated to getting back together after a break up? If you want to restore your marriage by getting back together after a break up by pursuing your spouse for the right reasons, then your marriage can be restored too!

At first, intentions for getting back together with an ex may be to satisfy personal needs. However, successfully getting back together after a break up will work much better if your intentions shift to that of focusing on the needs of your spouse and for the sake of saving your marriage.

That is why after saving my marriage; I started ‘Keep Marriage Alive’. I decided to share the lessons I learned, and to share the resources that have helped save my marriage. I believe what I have learned can help yours too.

I also want to share some well earned secrets for avoiding some of the most common mistakes for restoring a marriage to better help you win back your loved one in a report I have prepared through the form below. Just fill in your name and your best e-mail address, and as a thank you for checking out the “Magic of Making Up” system through my Getting Back Together After a Break Up link I will send you the 15 Marriage Restoration Mistakes to Avoid… and What to do Instead report, Absolutely Free!

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