How To Talk To Your Wife

How To Talk To Your Wife

Things a husband could say when trying to Keep Marriage Alive

It could Go Something Like This

For the guys who are sticking there neck out and doing everything in their power to “Man Up” and take control of their marriage here is an exclusive list of points of discussion you could use while talking to your wife.  So, this is a possible reference for you husbands who want to introduce the ideas of KeepMarriageAlive.COM to their wives in a discussion format.  Use it as a resource to help you guys out in case you need any idea suggestions.

What Goes Around Comes Around

  • “Honey, marriages that are comprised of two people only concerned about their own individual needs being met is one of the biggest reasons that marriages break apart.  Breaking that pattern is the key to saving our marriage.”
  • “Babe, the  number one reason infidelity in marriage occurs is because someone in the marriage is not getting his or her  personal needs satisfied.  You see dear, that situation eventually sets each marriage partner up for infidelity in marriage to occur.  The problem is not the fact that individual needs are not being met in the marriage.  That is just a symptom of the greater problem, complete selfishness of both partners and indifference to the needs of the other spouse are a big part of the problem.  Because each of our individual needs are not being satisfied causes the whole vicious cycle to perpetuate in the marriage;  getting in the way of saving our marriage.”

The law of Reciprocity

  • “Dear, thinking about the needs of the other mate is the answer to the problem.  Think about it, babe, neither of us are complete narcissists, if I focus as much of my concentration on serving the complete needs of you (my wife), then in turn I bet you will be better inclined to return the favor.”
  • “We can build up our communication skills so that each of us understands each others needs, the Best way to get my needs (needs that are not dire emergency needs that is) taken care of, especially in the hopes of saving our marriage, is to completely drop them from my agenda and focus on your needs, wholly.”
  • ” Honey, the beauty of the way this works is that I will probably end up with my needs being met by you (a very grateful wife).  I bet that you will work twice as hard to please me and take care of my needs, saving our marriage in the process.”

Reciprocity adds spice to the marriage

  • “As a result, each of us is motivated to spice up the marriage further and further along the positive cycle in our marriage.  Guess what!  It can only get better and better.”
  • “Babe, the secret of accomplishing this is thinking of our relationship as an investment in both of your future together.”

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